History of Bikini Swimwear

The name “Bikini” originated from the unmanned Bikini Atoll of Mashall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Bikini was born in 1946, since then, it has been the fashion symbol of lady’s clothing and has been known as “The greatest invention” in 20th century’s fashion world.

Bikini Swimwear is the most eye-shocking clothing in history. The impact of corsage that tied on the back and the triangle briefs is no less than “Atome explosion”, but not until 1950s, can this style that display human body be gradually accepted by the mass. Nowadays, almost every young lady has at least one bikini swimwear in her wardrobe. After WW?,the “new style and features” is in accord with the trend of fashion, and lady’s sexy figure outline was again stressed in clothing design, and this trend spread all over Paris and even the whole western world. ??

In January 30th, 1946, Atome was exploded in Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. 18 days later, a Frenchman named Louis Reard lauched the bra and briefs style swimwear and hired one call girl as the model, to show his works to the audiences and visitors. One week later, Bikini became fashionable all over the Europe.

The two inventors of Bikini swimwear were Frenchmen – Yaky Heim and Louis Reard. But they were not the first to catch the idea. As early as 1600B.C, there had been wall painting of Bikini style swimwear. Heim was a female apparel stylist from Cannes, France, she designed a style of mini swimwear and called it “Atome”. She hired a plane that can write advertisement with smoke, to write the words in the sky: “ Atome ---- The smallest swimwear in the world.” 3 weeks later, mechanical engineer Reard also use the plane to write in the air: “Bikini ---- Smaller than the world’s smallest swimwear.”

Bikini Atoll is located in northern latitude 11°35' and east longitude 165°25', it is a barrier reef of Mashall Islands. In which the USA conducted more than 60 explosion tests of Atome and Hydrogen Bomb from 1946 to 1958, and the largest explosion was in that Bikini Atoll. At the same time, fashion world invented a kind of swimwear not quite different from women’s underwear, since this kind of swimwear was rather sexy and it completely broke through human’s traditional bottom line, the inventors thought its impact was not less than an explosion of Atome, thus derived the name from the Bikini Atome explosion test, that’s the name of “Bikini” ? ?? Article provided by: Http://rmlove.net

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Choices of Swimming Pool Products

If you are planning to install a swimming pool, start your project by browsing the websites of the top pool distributors. Among the best brands are Hayward, Zodiac, Pentar, Intex, Polaris, Jandy, Natural Chemistry, Swim n Play and more. You can check everything you need for your above ground or in ground pool. From top of the line swimming pool equipment, products, accessories, supplies and other items for your pool, patio, deck and backyard, look for a supplier which can offer high quality products with free shipping at discounted prices with excellent customer service assistance.

You can pick the products which are perfect for your budget and backyard with the help of a technical pool expert for your choiced heaters, heat pumps, solar heating systems, pump and filter systems, and other products. You can call their technical experts to ask questions and advice. You need to be prepared with intelligent and relevant questions so that you will be satisfied with your concerns. Be ready with your planned size and shape and whether it is an above ground pool or not.

Take time to browse their catalogs or download their videos, photos and brochures for you to study. One of the important items you need to devote more time is about automatic pool cleaners, chemicals and maintenance products such as chlorine, bromine, algaecides, water balancers, pool shock, clarifiers and more. There are many technologically advanced sanitizing systems, pool opening and closing chemical kits, testing kits and a wide array of products for pool maintenance in the market today. As an example, a pressure product which can totally clean a pool from top to bottom is something nice to have.

You must have a pH balanced pool with sanitized water to make it bacteria free and safe for swimming. For your swimmers not to have skin or eye irritation, you should choose a chlorine-free alternative product. Pick one which can take out the chlorine odor and produce crystal clear water. Another product you should get is one which can effectively control algae. You can select an algaecide which is easy to use, low foaming and will not cause hair discoloration.

For sanitizing your pool, pick a chlorine generator which converts common salt (a teaspoon for a gallon of water) into chlorine and recycles back into salt and produces enough fresh chlorine daily. You should also have a handy digital strip reader with a large LCD screen to provide easy strip reading of free chlorine, total alkalinity, bromine and pH within a few seconds. For measuring your pool temperature, you should get a basic thermometer which can indicate with accuracy the preset temperature. It should be weather resistant and can read between -60F to 140F.

For more fun and enjoyment for your guests, kids and loved ones, you should appropriate enough funds to have an adequate line of accessories such as pool ladders, diving boards, slides, floats, reels, steps and rails, solar blankets, fountains, pool lighting, toys, lounges and games. Kids will adore many pool games. They will enjoy the inflatable slides. Some models are connected to a sprinkler that hooks up to the garden hose to make the slides smooth and slippery. There are also swan and duck baby inflatable seats for small babies.

When children are present, adult supervision is very important and safety equipments are extremely necessary. One safety rule to follow is that filters are not supposed to be used when there are swimmers.

Safety equipments used by lifeguards in commercial pools are life vests, rescue tubes and cans, head immobilizers, rescue spine boards, rescue blankets, first aid equipment, medical gloves, trauma bags and fanny packs, pool rules and safety signs, whistles, lanyards and air horns. If you don't have the resources, you can purchase only the most important. You can also install a "No Diving Sign" to warn swimmers before coming into the pool.

Even during off-season months, you can enjoy and protect your pool if you have the right products and accessories such as solar showers, garden composters, patio and spa furniture, outdoor storage systems, patio heating such as outdoor fire pits, fireplaces, ice rink kits, etc. With these data, you can now make your final choices!
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Favorite Swimwear and Bras for Spring

Spring is here, and you know what that means: It's time to buy new women's swimwear and bras for the spring season! Here are some things to think about before you start shopping online.

One Piece, Two Piece or Monokini?Maybe you are torn between buying a one-piece swimsuit or a two-piece bikini. Of course, one-piece swimwear offers more coverage and provides a more comfortable fit. But, when it comes to swimwear, men lump women into two categories: the one-piece swimsuit wearers and the hot chicks in bikinis. I don't know about you, but I'd rather be in the bikini category along with the other hot chicks.

Today, two-piece swimwear comes in all sorts of different coverage levels, so you don't have to necessarily wear a string bikini to get credit for wearing a bikini.

If you have an average figure (not full-busted or full-figured) and want to wear a two-piece bikini but don't want to show a lot of skin, one option is to purchase a bikini bottom that covers more of your tummy. An example of this is the Freya Ritual Classic Swim Brief 9927, which features tattoo designs and has a 6-inch rise (mid-rise).

The monokini is hot right now. My favorite monokini is the Freya Velocity Underwire Bandeau Cut Out Suit 9584, which has a shattered glass print in aubergine, aqua, slate gray, shocking pink and lilac. The bottom and top are attached by a thin strip on the side. Very sexy!

Cup-Sized Swimwear What if you want to wear a bikini but can't find a bikini top to fit your bust? Many full-busted and full-figured (plus size) women run into this problem. Skimpy triangle tops just don't provide enough coverage and support for a bigger-busted woman.

Luckily, much of the new swimwear these days is cup-sized, which enables you to purchase swim tops in your bra size for a perfect fit. Most of these swimsuits are sold as separates, so you can get the right-size top and bottom to match your body shape.

There are swimwear brands that specifically cater to full-busted and full-figured (plus size) women, such as Freya, Fantasie, Panache, Anita, Aerin Rose and Miraclesuit. Check out these brands if you want to purchase cup-sized swimwear this season.

One of my favorite bikini suits for full-busted and full-figured (plus size) women is the Panache Monroe Bandeau Bikini Top SW0408 and Panache Monroe Side Tie Swim Hipster SW0412. They have a fresh, polka-dot print on a "new navy" base with bright red trim.

The Best Spring BrasCelebrate spring with the new spring bras, which feature pretty floral prints, pastel colors and frilly touches that make you feel feminine.

For average-figure women, I recommend the Affinitas Intimates Rose Half Padded Demi Bra 0121, which is made of satiny fabric with a spring bouquet floral print. This bra is perfect for spring. Don't forget the matching panty. Added bonus: This bra is value-priced, with some online retailers offering it at only $32!

Another great new spring bra for average-figure women is the Blush Pretty in Pink Regular Bra 0212901. This is a sexy gingham bra with playful pink bows and flirty eyelet trim.

Animal prints are hot this spring. If you're looking for an animal print bra, try the Elle Macpherson Intimates Tempting Bra E72-786. It has an ombre animal print and lace trim that looks really sexy on.

Blush also makes several average-figure bras in beautiful pastel colors that are sold at good prices on various sites.

For full-busted and full-figure women, my favorite spring bra is the Freya Lydia Underwire Molded Plunge Bra 4404. This gorgeous bra features a beautiful spring bouquet floral print in lime, pink and cornflower blue, and pastel shoulder straps add a unique touch.

Another great spring bra for the full-busted and full-figured woman is the Panache Harlequin Maia Balconnet Bra 5221, which comes in vivid colors and features beautiful lace on the cups.

Bras for Trendy Spring ClothesThis spring, you'll see lots of racerback, backless and one-shoulder fashions. But what bra do you wear with these hip trends? My favorite racerback bra is the Vanity Fair Body Sleeks Flexi Back Front Close, Racerback Bra 75263. Not only is this a great racerback bra, you can get it for less than $30 one some online sites.

Another hot new trend for spring is the backless dress or low-back dress. There are several options for these two styles. One option is to get a clear-back bra such as the Valmont Multipurpose Underwire Bra 641, which has a clear plastic back band.

For low-back dresses and tops, I suggest the Lily Of France Extreme Options Push Up Underwire Bra 2131415, which comes with a low-back strap attachment. And if you have a totally backless dress, I recommend one of the backless bras such as The Natural Shaper Bra 2288, which has adhesive sides.

For your one-shoulder fashions, I recommend the Dominique The Butterfly Convertible Multi-Function Bra 5000, which has convertible shoulder straps that can be worn one-shoulder, halter, strapless, criss-cross or regular.

What are your favorite spring bras? To vote on your favorite bras, visit The Undies Awards website where people across the United States vote on their favorite brands of underwear.

The author has worked in the apparel industry and is familiar with many brands of bras, women's swimwear, and men's underwear.
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How I Improve My Eyesight Rapidly And Stay That Way .

The tale showing how I enhance my personal eyesight is an exciting 1. You observe, just few years back, I am just like a person. {most of the day.Being disturbed of being named "four eyed" and the disturbance of not being able to see when I am swimming unless I wear prescription goggles, Therefore I looked for a solution. (I am a passionate swimmer and diver)To me, contact lenses were no more a choice since it still does not enable me to see when I am swimming also it is a pain to maintain in my trial period (I bought a pair to try out).I sincerely considered lasik operation although a brief research online persuaded me otherwise. You see, lasik surgery could (and most probably will) take place with a host of side effects which consist of dried up eyes, under or over-correction also even part blindness.It is high-priced (clearly), distressing, takes a lengthy time to heal and actually, the majority of the people who had had lasik operation done on them go back to their old days to being myopic very soon.By the way, did you know that lasik is a operation still under assessment? They're still amending and refining the procedure. Which implys they are doing a deficientprocedure on you!Also here's an exciting tidbit. Did you know that the doctor who established lasik stumbled upon it unintentionally? He was the medical doctor of a patient who caught up in a car crash. Amusingly, he discovered that his vision get better after the accident.As a result lasik is clearly out ( I believe it shouldn't even be offered as an option).After that I focus my attention to what is called intacs to improve my eyesight. They're tiny lenses placed into your eyes (I know, it sounds frightening) however they are short-lived. Their major advantage being if something is mistaken, surgeons could remove the intacs and you'll go back to your prior form.Problem is they could just fix low levels of shortsightedness and astigmatism. And oh yeah, they are also not cheap with long term side effects still undergoing research.Running out of all the "genuine" choice, I turn to the alternatives to recover my vision. Redundant to say I was very skeptical.But boy, am I thankful I was despairing enough to try out everything I can get my hands on. I get the Rebuild Your Vision program finally and my life transformed eternally.I improve my eyesight in about 9 months and now I've 20/25 vision. Not perfect yet but I can see fine.Are you looking for a solution that works too? You should check it out.
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