Tips and Recommendations for Choosing the Right bikini styles

With every spring and summer season comes a new batch of fresh and interesting new swimwear trends and styles. Swimsuit and swimwear silhouettes have changed and evolved throughout time from incredibly modest one-pieces, to tiny, barely-there bikinis. Designers continue to play around with different cuts, colors and embellishments that make their bikinis stand out.

string bikini

string bikinis

This season, we saw a lot of designers play around with cut-outs in swimwear, combining the idea of a string bikiniwith a one-piece, being able to show just enough skin while feeling secure and covered up, and not revealing too much. Designers would cut-out patches of the fabric or silhouettes in areas like the sides, revealing the wearers' waists or hips, but not showing their stomach, which many women often can feel insecure about showing in a swimsuit, or while at the beach. Many designers also experimented with fun, bright colors to help wearers stand out while at the beach. Other "experiments" include fun patterns such as polka dots, tribal and other prints, stripes and doodles. These add a sense of fun and whimsy to otherwise plain swimwear.

Another great recent trend in swimwear is embellishment using silver, gold or flashy snaps, closures and ties on it. These can even include fun tassels or other interesting strips of fabric as ties on string bikini. For wearers who are more set on laying out in the sun and tanning rather than swimming, a more practical swimwear might be needed. Thankfully there are plenty of fun options they can play around with and try out styles that incorporate fun, flashy fabrics, as well as rhinestones, sequins and beading.

For women who are more concerned with covering up and hiding their perceived flaws, there are many great trendy tankini and sarong cover-up options. These also come in bright colors with beautiful, fun embellishments, allowing more conservative women to still experiment with fashionable swimwear. As well, sarongs can add an international and ethnic flair to swimwear, with tropical and cosmopolitan prints, fabrics and colors. Sarongs are also a cheap, fun accessory as well as a great complement to any swimsuit.

Finally, while slightly less practical, many designers also play around with jewelry and trinkets in their swimsuit styling. These include fun, summery and tropical bracelets, necklaces, anklets and toe rings, all perfect warm weather pieces that add an instant dose of high fashion style to any string bikini look. Gold, silver and bronze shades look best with bikinis as well and are also highly recommended.
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